Today was a a special day in my jiu jitsu career. I was invited by the head coaches of Tokai University to conduct a seminar on ground techniques. I was so honored and humbled by this. The rivalry between judo and jiu jitsu has been ongoing. To be invited by the powerhouse university in Japan to share technique is an incredible opportunity. I shared my turtle guard attacks and guard passing systems to a grateful and eager squad who I later found out are their “A” team. 2 hours of technique followed by one hour of intense sparring. They were impressed by my teaching and even more impressed as I held my own with high level black belts and then to find out that I’m 39yrs old! I was invited back at the end of training and look forward to helping bridge the gap between bjj and judo. And its not every day were I get to teach a room full of black belts! Full room so I couldn’t fit everybody in the pic. #bjj #judo #jiujitsu #tokaiuniversity #newaza #grappling #japan #blackbelt #technique #tatame #bjjunitedtacteam #nsbjj #purebredbjjguam #yamatodamashii

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