Enson Inoue

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Hello, my name is Enson Inoue and I was born and raised in Hawaii. I’m a 4th generation Japanese-American and I moved to Japan 20 years ago. I used to be a professional racquetball player but got into MMA fighting 16 years ago and retired 6 years ago. Now I teach at my gyms in Japan, Guam, Saipan and Thailand.



FokaiIndustries is a company that was created to give Guam its signature in the action sports world community.



Best online source for the latest news and all things Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Budo Video


Great source for Jiu Jitsu products such as Gi’s, books, videos, and more. This site has recently been my hero for broadcasting the Major IBJJF events LIVE!!!



The International Brazilian Jiu Jitus Federation. Enough said.

Trench Tech


TRENCH TECH was established in October of 2004. It is an MMA academy formed to provide an outlet/safe haven for interested MMA practitioners to train and practice their fighting skills IN AN ORGANIZED AND PROFESSIONAL SETTING.

Frank Camacho


Here is your chance to peek over the shoulder of Frank “TheCrank” Camacho in his day to day training & experiences.This is your opportunity to see him prepare for his upcoming Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Tournaments, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fights, and many more!

Keep the Good Vibes flowing, and keep it Rockin!