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“Jiu Jitsu in Paradise” This week Professor Steve goes over some Turtle Guard Escapes..

“Jiu Jitsu In Paradise” On this weeks blog Professor Steve and his views on Family and Jiu Jitsu..

One of the rocky areas in playing guard and attacking the lower half of your opponent. Just a look inside and what not to do so you don’t get disqualified in the future.   To find out more you can visit www.graciemag.com

A recent article online of our Enson Inoue, who braves the dangers of the Fukushima evacuation zone to care and feed the homeless and stray animals in this area. You are a true inspiration for all and display the honest samurai spirit. http://gizmodo.com/5828258/this-mma-badass-braved-the-fukushima-evacuation-zone-just-to-feed-stray-dogs

Offensive open guard technique from Lloyd Irvin stand out JT Torres.

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