Grabbed a list of all the competitors in the tournament so far. Good luck to all fighter’s, especially for our Lloyd Irvin and ATOS Jiu Jitsu family! Everything is so quiet right now as I’m sure everyone is training hard for this tournament. This is looking like the most competitive roster of grappler’s I have seen. Other than the super fight between Jacare and Braulio Estima. My fight to watch is Rodolfo Viera and Roger Gracie.



Superfights:Eddie Bravo vs Royler Gracie(Might be in jeopardy, money issues(5/17/2011))
Mario Sperry vs Renzo Gracie
Jacare vs Braulio
-65.9kg1. Rafael Mendes. Brazil (current champion, ADCC 2009)
2. Greger Forsel. Finland (European trials winner)
3. Marko Ramos. USA (North American trials winner)
4. David Marinakis. Australia (Oceania trials winner)
5. Tetsu Hadairo. Japan (Asian trials winner)
6. Jeff Glover. USA (second North American trials winner)
7. Bruno Frazzato. Brazil (South America)
8. Timo-juhani Hirvikangas. Finland (Second European trials winner)
9. Ryan Hall. USA (confirmed invitation)
10. Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles. Brazil (confirmed invitation)
11) Barret Yoshida. USA (confirmed invitation)
12) Rani Yahya. Brazil(confirmed invitation)
13) Robson Moura. Brazil (confirmed invitation)
14) Denny Prokopos. USA (confirmed invitation)
15) Tom Barlow. England (confirmed invitation)
16) Justin Rader (confirmed invitation)
-76.9kgPablo Popovitch. (current champion)(Moving up to 88kg)
1. Jorge Britto. Brazil (European trials winner)
2. Vagner Rocha. Brazil (North American trials winner)
3. Davis Hart. Australia (Oceania trials winner)
4. Takanori Gomi. Japan (Asia trials winner)(Looks to be out, fighting Nate Diaz UFC 135,24th Sept)
5. Enricco Coco. USA (Second North America trials winner)
6. Murilo Santana. Brazil (South American trials winner)
7. Daniel Strauss. England (Second European trials winner)
8. Marcelo Garcia. Brazil(confirmed invitation)
9. Gunnar Nelson. Iceland (confirmed invitation)
10. Leo Viera. Brazil(confirmed invitation)
11. JT Torres. USA (confirmed invitation)
12. Kron Gracie. Brazil (confirmed invitation)
13. Gregor Gracie. Brazil (confirmed invitation)
14. Augusto Mendes “Tanquinho”. Brazil (confirmed invitation)
15. Claudio Calasans Brazil (confirmed invitation)
-87.9kg1. André Galvão. Brazil (current runner-up – Bráulio will face Ronaldo Jacaré in superfight)
2. Marko Helen. Finland (Europe)
3. Rustam Chsiev. Russia (North America)
4. Cameron Rowe. Australia (Oceania)
5. Jeon Doo Kwang. South Korea (Asia)
6. JJ Holmes. USA (North America)
Claudio Calasans. Brazil (South America)(Moved to 77kg)
7. Zbigniew Tyszka. Poland (second European trials winner)
8. Pablo Popovitch. Brazil (confirmed invitation)
9. Rafael Lovato jnr. USA (confirmed invitation)
10. Romulo barral. Brazil (confirmed invitiation)
11. Rousimar Palhares. Brazil (confirmed invitation)
12. Sergio Moraes. Brazil (confirmed invitation)
13. Paulo Filho. Brazil (confirmed invitation)
14. David Avellan. USA (confirmed invitation)
15. Dan Schon. Mexico (confirmed invitation)
-98.9kg1. Xande Ribeiro. Brazil (champion)
2. Kari Peltola. Finland (Europe)
3. Joseph Lee Baize. USA (North America)
4. Igor Praporshchikov. Australia (Oceania)
5. Animal Anzai. Japan (Asia)
6. James Poupolo. USA (North America)
7. Augusto Ferrari. Brazil (South America)
8. Kamil Uminski. Poland (second European trials winner)
9. Roger Gracie. Brazil(confirmed invitation)
10. Rodolfo Viera. Brazil(confirmed invitation)
11. Joao Assis. Brazil(Confirmed invitation)
12. Dean Lister. USA/Brazil (confirmed invitation)
13. Robert Drysdale. USA (confirmed invitation)
14. Radek Turek. Poland (confirmed invitation)
15. Antonio Peinado (confirmed invitation)
+99kg1. Fabricio Werdum. Brazil (champion)
2. Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen. Finland (Europe)
3. Mario Rinaldi. USA (North America)
4. Mick Wilson. Australia (Oceania)
5. Sekine Hideki. Japan (Asia)
6. Jared Rosholt. USA (North America)
7. Gabriel Vella. Brazil (South America)
8. Mateusz Juskowiak. Poland (took second in trials but winner already had invite- Europe2)
9. Jeff Monson. USA (confirmed invitation)
10. Bruno Bastos. Brazil(confirmed invitation)
11. Roberto “cyborg” abreu. Brazil (confirmed invitation)
12. Antonio ”bigfoot” Silva. Brazil (confirmed invitation)
13. Vinny Magalhaes . Brazil(confirmed invitation)
14. Geraldi Rinaldi. USA (confirmed invitation)
15. Fereira Jose Junior. Brazil (confirmed invitation)
16. Alexander Trans. Denmark (confirmed invitation)
People who have said they would like to do absolute.1.Pablo Popovitch-(Wants to do absolute GracieMag)
2.Rafael Mendes(quoted on front page of Mendes Bros wanting to do absolute)
-60kg1. Luanna Alzuguir. Brazil (champion)
2. Lara Jayne Ng. Australia (Oceania)
3. Hashi Takayo. Japan (Asia)
4. Cathilee Albert. USA (North America)
5. Michelle Nicolini. Brazil (South America)
6. Sara Svensson (European trials winner)
7. Krya Gracie. Brazil (Confirmed invitation)

1. Hannette Staack. Brazil (champion)
2. Fiona Muxlow. Australia (Oceania)
3. Penny Thomas. South America (North America)
4. Talita Nogueira. Brazil (South America)
5. Devi Ahuja. Norway (European trials winner)
6. Gabi Garcia. Brazil (confirmed invitation)
7. Chris Cyborg. Brazil (confirmed invitation)

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