Our Basics Class in effect @ Purebred Dededo, every Saturday 11:30a-12:30p or at our Anigua location on Wednesdays starting at 6:30p-7:30p

“There’s nothing a good day of grappling can’t cure”

Click Here to access link Exhaust the body, Proceed the Mind, Cultivate the Spirit

Learn something from everyone. Step out of your comfort zone and try to improve on the areas which you are the weakest. A good training session is one that adds something to your game. Regardless of how many times you tapped someone (or got tapped) -via GracieMag, Tips for Whitebelts

Coach, mentor, master, friend…..when you fall down 7….get up 8…..its nice to have some help when 10 comes round.

PureFit strength conditioning and fitness! A Great way to get your sweat on and stay fit all summer long. We have classes Every Wednesday from 11:30a-12:30 at our Anigua location, and Every Saturday from 10:00a-11:00a at our Dededo location. Drop Ins, All are Welcome.

Just in case you haven’t been able to watch the greatest match from the 2012 black belt, absolute division. Between titans Rodlofo Vieira and Buchecha Almeida.

Aileen Wong and of course the Amazing Black Belt World Champion Michelle Nicolini. We are still waiting for all of our teammates too return so training for the Asian Open starts soon!

Just a write up from Coach Bert’s page. Our young blue belt crew had a good run yesterday. No w’s but they fought their hearts out. David Harris lost 3-2 on advantages against the guy who won silver. Jade Blas had a great takedown and was up on points before getting subbed. Anthony Cruz won…

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