This is how you finish your day at Purebred Jiu Jitsu, Guam.

With our new strength and conditioning class PUREFIT! Ask anyone who has worked out already to hear and even see the results  

Family members of all Purebred Jiu Jitsu team members will receive free yoga classes int he coming month of December free!!

Royler Gracie and some thoughts behind jiu jitsu and its effectiveness  

One of the rocky areas in playing guard and attacking the lower half of your opponent. Just a look inside and what not to do so you don’t get disqualified in the future.   To find out more you can visit

Bruno’s second time through Guam and training at the academy was so amazing. We got to learn a lot useful technique that I know everyone will fit into there game and sharpen up the tools. Also we really got to interact with him and he really is a special person. It’s almost like he has…

  The surf ninja enjoying some of the island life.

Young Purebred student Keoni Gumataotao working hard on and off the mats. Here he will show us all how to solve a point slope equation, what is the definition of point slope form, and how it can be used in real life. After watching the video a few times I still feel lost. Good job…

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