Blessed to have Bruno at the Academy again. I know there are still a few slots open for a private session, so hurry and fill them in! You can contact us @687-1130 for more information.  

A radio interview with Coach Bert on bullying. Why it happens and what you can do to prevent it as a kid and parent. Also really good insight into jiu jitsu and it’s training and how it can help bully proof your life and someone you care about. Part 1 Part 2

Free GTA Wifi is a available to all family and members. Get hooked up at both the Anigua and Dededo locations. Please ask the front desk for our team password to get rolling on the information highway.  

A small look into the training camp for Bj Penn as he gets ready to face Nick Diaz. In which my opinion could be one of the most exciting fights in UFC history. Always showing love to the Fokai Familia and our island neighbors. Good luck to Bj Penn as he works his way back…

Congratulation to all of the Atos competitors who fought in the Rickson cup this past weekend.

The best way to spend your Saturday afternoon. Wouldn’t you agree?

Thank you to everyone who joined us today at our Purebred Dededo location. What an amazing academy and its not even done yet. Congratulations to coach Bert and all of the familia!

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