Everything that builds and takes its course to the top, must start from the ground up.

Pulled out a video of a good match with Richard Enriquez. One of our Bjj intro class instructors in the Asian Open 2010 championships. You can catch the Purebred intro to Bjj class every Wednesday starting at 6:30pm-7:30pm and Saturday 10:30am-12pm. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday night class at Purebred. After learning a new Guard pass it’s time to test it out and work on it live during the pass guard game. The player on top’s job is to pass the guard. And the player on bottom’s objective is to stand up, sweep or submit.

Small video of the head man in charge on training for the World Pro Trials and the direction of the team.

All Purebred critters, youth and adults please come through for our Academy photo Sept 9th, 2011. Make sure you bring all medals and trophy’s you have obtained. Let’s see those nice gi’s and pearly whites!

Purebred Jiu Jitsu Academy Guam and Bruno Frazatto, together in this months issue of Gracie Magazine. Thank you again to Bruno Frazatto for taking the time out to show us all excellent technique. We cant wait to have you back! Pick up this months issue of Graciemag to read the full article and also check…

A short video interview uploaded by GrapplingDummies. A look into Tatsuya Onose view on Martial Arts and the Spider Guard. Check the link to see whats going on at the Purebred Kawaguchi REDIPS Gym

A recent article online of our Enson Inoue, who braves the dangers of the Fukushima evacuation zone to care and feed the homeless and stray animals in this area. You are a true inspiration for all and display the honest samurai spirit. http://gizmodo.com/5828258/this-mma-badass-braved-the-fukushima-evacuation-zone-just-to-feed-stray-dogs

With the ADCC grappling championships approaching as the last major grappling competition of this year. Rodolfo has a good chance of a clean sweep on 2011. This is a list of his achievements this year: 2x World Champion (2011 weight & absolute); 2x World Pro Cup Champion (2011 weight & absolute); 2x Pan American Champion…

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